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Computer Repair

Our computer repair services start with a diagnostic and review of your computer -- a basic review is free, and there's a $20 charge for the advanced testing & diagnostics, yet we waive the fee if you accept our price for the repair.  After the diagnostic is complete, we can then help you make a decision on how to proceed, what parts are needed (if any), and what the process will entail and a cost estimate. Services like virus removal & system re-formats are usually done within a day or two if we aren't fully booked. Services that require parts to be ordered usually are completed within 7 business days, unless a part is on backorder.


Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screen replacements take longer as we do not keep screens in stock due to the large number of different models. Most orders are in within 5-6 business days and completed within 7 to 8 business days. Rush shipping is available for an added cost. Every model has a different part price, so please contact us if you need information on the replacement cost for your laptop.


Custom Built Systems or Upgrades

Let us build you a system, or upgrade the parts in yours. Tell us what you want and we'll order and create the system of your dreams. It's a fun process for everyone...we enjoy it. We've built a few, including a couple really awesome 3-monitor gaming computers. Who's going to be our first customer for a six-screen setup?


Curious about something?

Give us an email and we'll answer your questions. If it involves technology, we probably do it! We offer a wide range of services, so don't be afraid to inquire.